Does your cat hate being in a carrier?

Maybe, but it’s extremely important to use one when travelling somewhere, specifically the vet clinic.

There is a lot of concern about specific scenarios that can happen. If you are moving your cat to a different destination or to the vet it important to ensure their safety by keeping them in a carrier.

Cat carriers provide comfort and when your cat is comfortable in their carrier, it’s very rewarding and will make life so much easier (and safer) for you both.

If your cat is unrestrained and your vehicle stops suddenly your cat can become a projectile object propelling through the air. Well behaved cats who are loose on the front seat may also become injured if an air bag is deployed. This occurs in a fraction of a second after collision. Cats who are unrestrained can also pose a huge risk to humans as well. Loose pets can cause a traffic accident.

In the waiting room at vet clinics, we are ultimately responsible for everyone’s safety and welfare. Not all cats like dogs and by having your cat in a carrier makes a huge difference to your cats stress levels.

Riding in cars can be a scary time for your cat and if they become scared, they can become more likely to run away or dart out of an open door. There are honking of horns and many other fear inducing sounds that can trigger stress. If you happen to be in an area where there are a lot of cars this could put them in harm’s way. They are vulnerable when not in a carrier.
We recommend Feliway spray to be sprayed into the carrier. It’s a calming cat scent (or pheromone). It is available at out clinic and is a very useful aid in reducing signs of stress. If you don’t use a carrier when you visit the clinic, we hope you will consider using one for future visits.